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Defined Benefit Pension Transfers

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This video is ideal to use with anyone you encounter who may be considering what to do with their Defined Benefit Pension scheme. It acts as an introduction to the transfer option, taking the viewer through all the key factors and considerations.

It stresses the importance of looking at this from the viewpoint, first and foremost, of not transferring.

It outlines the necessity for advice and concludes with a call to action for anyone with such a scheme to get it properly evaluated regardless of whether a transfer is desired, viable or even considered.

The video is a wonderful way for any firm to help their audience begin to understand this complex and sensitive subject. It will work with any process and any advice model.

Viewers will appreciate the clarity and the explanation it provides as to how the process works, understanding that you will be supporting this -beyond the video – with your professionalism and expertise.

Use this video at the outset of any discussion you may be having with a client or potential client and it will enhance their experience and act as a wonderful support to your service.

To see the video and to learn how to get a copy that you can use on your website, in presentations, on social media, face-to-face and via email – please complete the short form above and we will send you everything you need.