Coaching 🌟

Our coaching provides you with one to one help to transform.


All of our coaching is consistent, based around transforming from old self to new self.


Coaching is provided in person, as described below, but varies a little based on your wider position.


How the coaching works

Once you decide you want to be coached to transform, we will work with you for as long as you need us. Coaching is based around conducting a one hour meeting every two weeks, or two meetings every three weeks. In between these meetings, held online and remotely, you will have constant contact with your transformation coach, through phone and email, as required.

The coaching starts with setting out your specific pathway, based on your starting position, and will take you through every step of the transformation journey, or for as long as you feel you need the coach to support you.

Different pathways for different people

Personal transformation does not vary based on your age or work, your location or your background. It is always the same.


However, we do vary the coaching in some ways and have some tailored approaches:


Personal transformation for everyone – this is where we help you to transform, from old self to new self


All the following are based on the same principle but tailored as described.


Personal transformation for people in business –  tailored to help you also transform your business to new levels

Personal transformation for sports – tailored to help you attain the highest level of performance

Personal transformation for show business – tailored to help you create new opportunities

Personal transformation for financial services – tailored to help advisers transform their client’s lives

Coaching costs

Details of the coaching costs will appear very soon, it is based on a per meeting cost. The support around these and the programmes are included within this.