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Arranging a Mortgage

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This is a video which outlines how mortgages work at a basic level, at the same time explaining the main factors that need to be considered when anyone is looking at mortgages, whatever their position on the property ladder.

It is a great starter for bringing interested parties to your door if you are the mortgage adviser providing the information, via this animated video.

The video includes:

  • An outline of the different mortgage types
  • How costs and charges need to be considered beyond just the interest rate level
  • How the different  factors need to be weighed against one another
  • And why getting advice and help can pay many times over

This is a video which your audience will truly engage with as they look at their mortgage options and who to turn to for help.

To see the video and to learn how to get a copy that you can use on your website, in presentations, on social media, face-to-face and via email – please complete the short form above and we will send you everything you need.