A new podcast featuring financial advisers and financial planners from around the UK

Do you want to talk about finances?

There’s no better way to help people properly understand what you do, what you can for them and to showcase your expertise, than through interview and conversation.

With our new channel we will be recording with a wide variety of individual advisers. And we would love to do so with you, if you are working within the advice sector. Once recorded, your interview and conversation will be listed within our channel and promoted to our audience.

Plus you can have your own copy to use widely beyond that, with your audience as well.

What do we want to talk about?

We are looking for four things:

If you have something unique, a story, theme, or a pet idea then we would want to embrace that.

We want every interview to be different, so we will discuss with you the topics and questions beforehand and then will remotely record the podcast with you after that, helping you – if necessary – with how to present your points/answers.

We can edit the interviews, as we have the knowhow from our video work to do so.

What you will then get is a great broadcast promoting you, your business, brand, values, ideas, and thoughts. Plus, your broadcast will then sit on our channel and be part of a promotional push to build the channel listener numbers.

Find out more

As you will have gathered this is a new and evolving project – we are looking to work with around 100 individual advisers and planners in the next 12 months to develop this as a meaningful and popular channel, bringing great financial education to the British Public, direct from the marketplace.

Simply complete the form below to express your interest and we will give you a call to discuss: