Portfolio Category: For Advisers

Pension Investing

This video will show your audience how to optimise returns on your pension plan, looking at key points such as strategy and why working with a pension specialist can pay handsomely.

Cash Flow Financial Planning

This video will explain that cash flow modelling is about testing long-term scenarios, and allows you to make informed decisions about tax, protection, investment structures, asset allocation and priorities.

Benefit of Independent Financial Advice

This video explains why advice is crucial in a world of complicated financial considerations. It also shows how an adviser’s expertise adds value.

Income Drawdown

This video will show your audience how drawdown works, and why Drawdown is an option that needs to be used diligently and with skill applied.

Financial Planning for Business Owners

This video brings together the idea that the personal and business considerations for business owners overlap, inter-link and should be all embracing.

Life Assurance

This is a simple video covering the importance of life assurance as the priority concern when it comes to financial planning.

Investing for Income

This video is for advisers who want to share ideas and the basic ways clients and prospects should be thinking about constructing an investment approach when they require income.