Enquiries for Independent Financial Advice

One of the sub-goals of this initiative is to get enquiries from members of the public and business owners: anyone seeking out or exploring independent financial advice.

Through the website www.GetIndependentFinancialAdvice.co.uk there will be an enquiry form. This form will be no-financial details. This means it will ask for personal details such as name, contact numbers etc. with a ‘free form’ attached for the enquirer to express their position/need. The data and details captured will be kept private to the site and site owner (Independent Check Ltd) but permission will be embedded into the form’s capture fields to allow us to connect these details to a suitable IFA. In submitting the form the enquirer is agreeing for us to connect them to an IFA.

Once verified we will offer this to an IFA, which will be organised on a regional basis.

The IFA, if they accept this enquiry, will then be responsible for following it up and taking the enquiry on from there.

There will be no mandatory enquiries, nor any mandatory payment for enquiries.

It will be up to the IFA/IFA firm if they wish to make a voluntary payment for the enquiry.

To find our more about this aspect and how you – if you are an IFA or IFA firm – can support this and can become a recipient of enquiries from this site please click here